Funeral Services

Traditional Funeral Services:

The idea of the “traditional funeral” has changed throughout the years. A traditional funeral is generally accepted as a wake or visitation followed by a funeral service. This occurs at the funeral home or place of worship, with the final disposition at a cemetery.

The Leo M. Bean and Sons Funeral Home conducts services of all different faiths, beliefs, and customs. We pride ourselves in offering every family a personalized, meaningful service that reflects the individual they are honoring.

Memorial Services:

A memorial service is similar to a funeral service without the deceased present. A memorial service can be conducted in memory of a loved one after a cremation or burial has taken place. A memorial service you can choose to hold it at a place of worship, our funeral home in Rochester New York, or a place of special meaning to the family. A memorial service offers a family flexibility in honoring their loved one.

Cremation Services:

Cremation is technically a process that reduces the body to ashes through intense heat. This process can take place immediately, which is known as “direct cremation”. Another option is the cremation can take place following a wake or visitation or a funeral service with the final disposition being cremation after all of the services have been conducted.

The Leo M. Bean and Sons Funeral Home offers a wide range of cremation containers, caskets, urns, and urn vaults.

Our goal is to provide, meaningful options for all families. We can guide you through the process of cremation to ensure your family receives a cherished service that honors your loved one.